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The Fade of Human Rights:
From Hong Kong to the World

Opening and Closing Guest Speakers


Julie Millsap

Opening Guest Speaker

Julie Millsap is the Government Relations Manager at the Uyghur Human Rights Project, and has worked in the field of Uyghur rights advocacy for several years, recently serving as an expert witness for the Uyghur Tribunal held in London. She previously spent a decade living and working in China, where she had first hand exposure to the atrocities being carried out by the Chinese Communist Party. She resides in the D.C. area.


Ken Lywood

Closing Geust Speaker

Originally from Toronto, Canadian artist Ken Lywood now plies his trade in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Art came naturally to Ken. He says he’s not sure what came first, breath or art. He came into his own as a post-realist in the 1960’s, “the best of all possible times”, he says. “A golden age of self-expression in Canada”.


James O’Grady

Closing Guest Speaker

James O’Grady is the founder of Unpublished Media Inc., a web and social media company focused on empowering Canadians to actively participate in their democracy. 


Since 2012, for 10 years now, Unpublished Media and James has fought to make Canada’s democracy more transparent and open to its citizens.

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