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Art Exhibition Concluded with Great Success
Launch of an Online 3D Tour to extend the experience

For Immediate Release


The Fade of Human Rights: From Hong Kong to The World

Toronto, ON - (July 13, 2022) The organizers of The Fade of Human Rights: From Hong Kong to the World visual art exhibition, THKAG and SCOPE, proudly announce the launch of an online 3D tour of the exhibition that was concluded with great success on July 10, 2022.

Exhibition Touched Different Audiences
With over 250 pre-registered participants, 350 individuals that filled up the exhibition venue, “We thank everyone for joining us and those who gave us suggestions on future improvements together with their thoughts on the exhibits.” Mimi Lee, the convener of the Torontonian HongKongers Action Group (THKAG) said.

“I had a heartfelt talk with an attendee who immigrated from Central Europe, he said he could feel what the Hongkongers had gone through in the last few years through the exhibits.”


“A local born Canadian said the exhibition further educated him on his understanding of the situation of Hong Kong. Comparing that to other situations globally or even in North America, it really shows how fragile ‘freedoms’ are. The harsh reality is there are conspiracy theories around us and the westernized world needs to wake up.” 

Exhibition Goals Achieved

These are exactly the goals of this week-long exhibition, to raise Canadians’ concern on human rights abuse that is happening in Hong Kong (Xinjiang and Tibet). What happened to Hong Kong provides a blueprint on the tactics totalitarians can apply to the world. In fact, referencing some countries in Africa, and also in Australia, the threats that communists are applying to Canada cannot be ignored.

Launch of 3D Tour

In response to attendees who could not visit the exhibition due to the inaccessibility of the venue, the organizers are happy to announce a 3D scan model of the exhibition, together with videos of the video project, will be available from today (July 14) for 6 months for everyone to access. This will not only help those who couldn't visit the exhibit in person to experience the exhibition, this will also make it available to audiences worldwide.


For those who have joined us, the 3D tour can also enhance their experience and revisit the exhibits whenever they want to. 

Please visit 


We also wanted to thank all the media who had helped in covering the event, and the artists and volunteers for their help and dedication on all the effort and energy they had put into the exhibition. For more information or to visit the 3D tour, please head over to



For more information, please contact:

Mimi Lee

Convener, Torontonoan HongKongers Action Group (THKAG)


About the Organizers


Lead by human rights activist Mimi Lee, the Torontonian HongKongers Action Group (THKAG) has been organizing different events since June 2019 in Toronto, to raise awareness and support the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong sparked by the amendment on the extradition to China bill fiasco. A key event that was widely covered by local media, was the handing out of free tees to Toronto Raptor’s audience in 2019.

Strategic Coalition & Organization of Protection in Equity (SCOPE) is a non-profit organization seeks to provide equitable access and resources to support individuals and communities that are historically marginalized. By connecting to existing civil groups and non-profit organizations, SCOPE hopes to form a strategic coalition in achieving the goal stated. The organization will plan various activities include but not limited to exhibitions, flyers distributions, panel discussions, forums, etc.

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